Bigg Boss Telugu S03 E102: Finalists gets emotional after seeing the videos of their fantastic journeys

Bigg Boss showed the journey videos of each of the housemates, privately to them.
Written By Manoj Kumar | Updated: October 31, 2019 18:14 IST
Bigg Boss Telugu S03 E102: Finalists gets emotional after seeing the videos of their fantastic journeys

Yesterday’s episode of Bigg Boss started with the mass song, 'Cinema Chupista Mama' and all the housemates showcased their energetic dance moves for the peppy single. Later, Big boss called Varun Sandesh to the activity room and showed him the video of his Bigg Boss journey. Bigg Boss said that though people blamed him for entering the Bigg Boss house with his wife, he treated her as a co-contestant only and Varun proved that he is Mr Cool and Mr Perfect.

After seeing that video, he became emotional and shared that it is awesome and one hell of an experience. Next, it was Rahul Sipligunj’s turn to who went into the activity room and Bigg Boss said that Rahul has always stood strong though so many people blamed him for his inactivity in the tasks. Bigg Boss added that Rahul's heart doesn't know how to play games like other contestants.
Rahul to becomes emotional as Bigg Boss stated that Rahul became emotional when any of the housemates leave and because of his nature, his fans supported him and saved him every single time he went into the nominations. He enjoyed the video of his journey as well and went out happily. Later, it is Baba Bhaskar's turn to see his journey in the Bigg Boss house and he went into the activity area.
Bigg Boss said that though Baba Bhaskar struggled to adjust in the Bigg Boss house, his jovial and friendly nature made him close to all the contestants. Big Boss appreciated that he not only makes everyone laughs and brings jovial nature to the house but also acts as the elderly force in the house. Baba Bhaskar became extremely emotional seeing the video and got teary-eyed. Bigg Boss asked Baba how he was feeling. The episode ended with Baba Bhaskar talking about his journey.
So, we have to wait to see the videos of Sreemukhi and Ali Reza and their precious reactions after watching their videos.