Bigg Boss Telugu S03 Episode 65: Rahul re-enters the house as four strong contestants are in nominations.

Looks like Bigg Boss is quite unhappy with the way contestants are participating in the show. He wants to induce some drama into it such that TRPs will go up. Going by S3 E65, this is the feeling anyone will get.
Written By Aravind Peesapati | Updated: September 24, 2019 13:33 IST
Bigg Boss Telugu S03 Episode 65: Rahul re-enters the house as four strong contestants are in nominations.

In episode 65 of Bigg Boss Telugu S03, the day starts on a high with Rahul, who is in a secret room watching the housemates in a television. Bigg Boss showed everyone’s take on Rahul in the secret room and finally did let him with a bang horrific voice. But the housemates noticed that it was Rahul who is going to make a re-entry.
His groupmates Punarnavi, Varun and Vithika have overwhelmed by his comeback. On the other side, contestants like Sree Mukhi, Ravi and Siva Jyothi were a bit shocked.
Later Rahul disclosed that he has seen all in the secret room and opened some conversations up who bitched on his back. Like every Monday, the nomination episodes has started and this time. The makers of Bigg Boss have come up with a unique concept to get strong contestants nominated.
They have paired up contestants into four groups. With Sree Mukhi-Siva Jyothi, Ravi-Vithika, Varun-Rahul and Punarnavi-Baba Bhaskar. Mahesh is in the safe zone as he is the captain. Now, the rest of the housemates should save their reasonable contestant through votes from the nominations.
Sree Mukhi and Siva Jyothi had a heating debate on why they think that they are fit to continue in the house. Sreemukhi termed Jyothi as a weaker one, boring and unfaithful contestant. While Jyothi alleged that Sreemukhi plays foul games and not so powerful in tasks. Their scores tied until Baba Bhaskar gave a surprise by saving Siva Jyothi.
Later, during Vithika and Ravi's turn, Ravi alleged that Vithika is spreading negativity. And he is stronger when it comes to not pointing fingers at others. Vithika made fun of his crying nature. Vithika got saved as expected and got saved by her group.
During Rahul-Varun's turn, the latter gave up the debate and confessed that he would save Rahul. Varun showed genuineness in praising Rahul and asked everyone to save him from nomination. Because Rahul wants to stay cool at least for a week by not being in eviction zone, is touching.
Even the last nominated person Punarnavi got saved by her group. While Punarnavi made pointers that Baba Bhaskar is never playing the game. The choreographer has even made fun of that.
Bigg Boss hasn’t given the captain a chance to nominate one this time. This led Sreemukhi, Ravi, Varun Sandesh and Baba Bhaskar into nominations this week.