Decoding Aravindha Sametha Box-Office.

By Xappie Desk, October 31, 2018 10:55 IST

Decoding Aravindha Sametha Box-Office.

Distributors Suffered Huge Loss From JrNTR's “AravindhaSametha"
Aravindha Sametha is almost done with it’s run, it is now hardly getting any shares across the telugu states.
Nizam :
In Nizam, Aravindha Sametha is expected to collect 17.15Cr to 17.50Cr range share here, Released on Advance Basis for 20crore Ratio.
Ceded :
In Ceded, Despite JrNTR strong Zone, it remains as loss to distributor, Aravindha Sametha Collected 13.60Cr share as of Now, 1 Cr loss is expected for distributor.
Guntur :
In Guntur, Aravindha Sametha is expected to close it's business at 7.20Cr, Resulting to a loss 30l pre business 7.50cr
Krishna :
In Krishna, Aravindha Sametha Collected 4.15Cr share and expected loss 85L
Nellore :
In Nellore, Aravindha Sametha collected 2.51Cr and Expected loss 50L
East Godavari :
In East, Aravindha Sametha Collected 5.3Cr and Expected loss is 50lks
West Godavari :
In West, Aravindha Sametha Collected 4.1Cr and Expected loss is 70L
Uttarandhra :
ASVR Collected 7.35Cr share, expected loss is 1.20 Crores in this zone. Producer returned 60Lakhs to distributor as some part of Area is effected by Tittli cylone.
Karnataka and Rest Of India :
Aravindha Sametha managed to collect 9.30Cr share and Expected loss is 50L.
In USA, With JrNTR and Trivikram combination business done for Huge Amount, ASVR Managed to collect 8.68Cr share in USA and entered into Top 10 Grosser of Telugu cinema but Ended as Loss to distributor, expected loss is 2Cr+
Rest of Overseas :
Aravindha Sametha managed to collect 3Cr in Overseas( Excluding USA), expected loss is 90L
All in All, Operation success patient died, Aravindha Sametha got blockbuster talk but Distributor got huge losses.
Aravindha Sametha Final Managed to Collect 82Cr Share worldwide And Business done for 92Cr and Total loss is more than 10Crs.

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