Gentleman Box Office Collection


Gentleman Box Office Collection

U Telugu


17th Jun 2016 2:25:00

17.16 cr

34 Days WW Share


Two girls, Catherine and Aishwarya meet on a flight and become friends. They share stories about their respective boyfriends, and Catherine is shocked to find that the man she is dating is a look alike of Aishwarya`s boyfriend. Even more shocking is the fact that when she reaches home, she finds out that her boyfriend has died in a car crash. Catherine decides to investigatethe look alike boyfriend and uncovers a thrilling mystery.

Cast & Crew

Gentleman Box Office Collection - Day wise Breakup, Region wise, Worldwide, Overseas

Day Wise Breakup (INR)

Days AP/TS India Overseas Worldwide
Premiers 19.52 lacs 19.52 lacs
day1 2.16 cr 2.43 cr 50.16 lacs 2.93 cr

Region Wise Breakup (INR)

Territory 1st Day 1st Weekend 1st Week Full Run
Nizam 88.00 lacs 2.45 cr 3.61 cr 5.45 cr
Ceeded 26.00 lacs 26.00 lacs 1.06 cr 1.65 cr
Uttarandhra 25.00 lacs 25.00 lacs 98.00 lacs 1.55 cr
Guntur 22.00 lacs 22.00 lacs 84.00 lacs 1.10 cr
East Godavari 18.00 lacs 18.00 lacs 54.00 lacs 87.00 lacs
West Godavari 14.00 lacs 14.00 lacs 53.00 lacs 85.00 lacs
Krishna 16.00 lacs 48.56 lacs 70.00 lacs 1.15 cr
Nellore 7.00 lacs 15.78 lacs 24.00 lacs 39.00 lacs
AP/TS 2.16 cr 3.09 cr 8.50 cr 13.01 cr
Karnataka 21.00 lacs 60.00 lacs 75.00 lacs 1.20 cr
Rest Of India 6.00 lacs 12.00 lacs 16.00 lacs 20.00 lacs
India 2.43 cr 3.81 cr 9.41 cr 14.41 cr
United States 57.69 lacs 1.45 cr 1.73 cr 2.45 cr
Rest Of World 12.00 lacs 20.00 lacs 25.00 lacs 30.00 lacs
Overseas 69.69 lacs 1.65 cr 1.98 cr 2.75 cr
Worldwide 3.13 cr 5.46 cr 11.39 cr 17.16 cr

USA Gross Detailed Breakup (USD)

Territory Premiers 1st Day 1st Weekend 1st Week Full Run
United States $72,418 $213,989 $537,720 $642,410 $907,672

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