2Point0 first day worldwide collections !

By Xappie Desk, November 30, 2018 16:49 IST

2Point0 first day worldwide collections !

On a week day, with no festival or non-holiday, 2.0 managed to transcend movies like Thugs of Hindustan. This Rajnikanth-Shankar combo film with strong dose of VFX earned Rs 74.68 crores in one day from all over India.
The movie was made with Rs 500 crores, which is the most exorbitant cinema ever made in the history of Indian Cinema. It is produced by Lyca Productions. The movie was made in Tamil and dubbed in Telugu and Hindi.
The Bollywood star, Akshay Kumar and international beauty Amy Jackson is in the movie. With extremely sophisticated technology, the movie is touted to one of the finest works in the sci-fi genre.
We could also say, it is one of Rajnikanth’s biggest opening. In the north, the movie earned 21cr, Tamil Nadu-20cr, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh-17.70cr, Kerala-4.13cr, Karnataka- 8.30 cr. Let’s see how the rest of the days go. Going by the reviews and sold out signs on booking sites, looks like it’s definitely going be good weekend ahead.
2Point0 First day Worldwide collections
First day Gross : 20Cr
First day share : 13Cr
First day Gross : 17.70Cr
First day share : 12.54Cr
First day Gross : 4.13Cr
First day share : 1.88Cr
First day Gross : 8.30Cr
First day share : 3.73Cr
First day Gross : 24.25Cr
First day share : 11.13Cr
Total first day india gross : 74.68Crs
Total first day india share : 42.28Crs
Overseas :
USA : $889,600 [₹6.22Cr]
Australia : A$230,430[₹1.10Cr]
Sri Lanka : LKR 2.19Cr[ ₹0.85Cr]
Singapore : SGD$224,923[₹1.14Cr]
Malaysia :RM$2,730,000[₹4.54Cr]
UAE : 55k admits [ ₹5.21Cr]
New Zealand : NZ $23,243 [ ₹11.11L]

Cannada: 2 crs approx

GCC: 4crs approx 

ROW : ₹2.5Crs
Total overseas gross : ₹27.67Crs
Total overseas Share : ₹12.50Crs (Approx)
Total Worldwide 1st day Gross : ₹102.35Cr
Total Worldwide  1st day Share : ₹54.78Cr

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