Aamir Khan posts a Thank you Note for his Thugs Of Hindostan Team

By Xappie Desk, November 09, 2018 13:32 IST

Aamir Khan posts a Thank you Note for his Thugs Of Hindostan Team

The message was a part of a lengthy post sent out via Twitter late on Wednesday, wherein Aamir personally expressed respect to all key team members.

The message in his twitter quoted as:

"Hey guys, wishing everyone a very happy Diwali!

On the eve of the release of my film I want to express my gratitude to :
Adi Chopra, who is one of the finest producers I have worked with.
Victor, a director who has always brought the best out of me as an actor.
Mr. Bachchan, who has always been an inspiration for me.
Fatima who is one of the finest costars I have ever worked with, Fatty you are a star!
Katrina, whom I absolutely love.
Lloyd, Gavin, Zeeshan, Ronit and Ilaji who have been an absolute delight to work with.
The entire Azad Gang.
Manush the DOP.
Sumit, the Production Designer.
Rushi & Manoshi the costume designers.
Ritesh the editor.
Debu the sound designer.
Ajay & Atul the music composers.
Amitabh Bhattacharya the Lyricist.
Prabhu Deva and Chinni & Rekha Prakash the choreographers.
Pankaj, Sherry and the entire VFX team.
Rohan the 1st Ad, and Jiya, Sakshi, Rushil, and Pratik. Avon & Nanao (hair) and Jogi (makeup), whose difficult job it is to make me look good every day.
Avi who shot the publicity stills.
Manan, Monica, Prithwish, Yvonne, Rohan (marketing & Distribution).
Sanjay, the head of the production, only he could have made this film.
Chotelal Ji who looks after us so well when we come to YRF. Bimal, Shamath, Shilpa, Prabhat, Susanna, and Amos from my team.
Parvez Bhai, Franz, Lee, who designed the action of the film.
Mohit who cut the trailer. Vivek who designed the poster.
John Stewart Eduri who has done the background score.

Guys, I want to thank all of you for a wonderful journey. A journey which has been so special and memorable for me.

Each one of you has done such a mind-blowing job, and I am so happy to be a part of this team. Thank you. Tomorrow our film releases. We have no idea how successful it will be, but irrespective of the fate of the film, I want to thank you all for a very fulfilling two years. I think we can all be satisfied that we have given it our best.

And thank you Kiran, you have always been a pillar of strength for me. Always looking out for me. Always there. Absorbing all my eccentricities, tolerating all my madness. Thank you. Wer I found yu? I luv yu, yu kno dot?

And to our audience, I want to say that we have made the film with a lot of love and effort, and we hope that you enjoy it.

Happy Diwali to all.



Aamir Khan says whatever may be the fate of Thugs of Hindostan, which released on Thursday, he is happy with the feeling that the team has given the film its best and that it has been a joyride to work on it.

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