Aravindha Sametha Movie FDFS Live Updates !

By Xappie Desk, October 11, 2018 08:33 IST

Aravindha Sametha Movie FDFS Live Updates !

It has been a tough time for actor Jr NTR whose Aravinda Sameta releases today. With the untimely death of his father Harikrishna happening just a month ahead of the film’s release, he had the tough task of getting back on to the sets with no time for mourning. He teams up with ace director Trivikram for the first time in his career and expectations are really high. Pooja Hegde is the female lead in the film, the trailer of which has garnered a lot of good reviews. Here’s hoping the film will live up to the hype.

Live Updates:-
* As starts off with Sunil narrating Veera raghavas story to a police man. Veera Raghava makes a simple yet strong entry.
* Ntr with his perfect chiseled body makes the first 20 minutes scream worthy! Best action sequence from Trvikram in a very long time.
* Rudhiram song follows a fantastic bgm by S S Thaman, kailesh Kher, Thaman preface an emotional saga. Moves audience into tears!
* Tarak who is known for his dialogue delivery does not have more than couple of dialogues for first 40 mins. Trivikram banks completely on his expressive emotions.
* Devayani plays Tarak’s mom & the great supriya pathak his grand mother. Titles role after 35 mins, immediately followed by pooja introduction.

* Ntr meets Pooja Hegde accidentally, goes to her father naresh to seek some help. Some laughs here and there, better not to expect it to be a laugh riot.

* Similar to Attarintiki Daredi, both heroines play sisters. What’s different in Aravindha Sametha needs to be watched out for.

* Ananganaga song is beautiful on screen. Tarak’s effortless steps are something to watch out for on big screen.

* Pooja Hegde gives her own voice over. Sounds painful to audience. Complete disconnect. Director should’ve skipped n gone for dubbing. It’s not necessary to prove a point always.

* Two Action sequences in First half, both pack a punch. One at the beginning of the movie & the other before interval- Two high points of First half. Rest of the 1st half is dragged, too much “Preached” and not so impressive. #AravindaSametha #RageOfTiger #JrNtr.

* Jagapathi babu plays antagonist as we all know-he is loud lacking humanity. Naveen (andala rakshashi Hero) plays his son.
Both decent in their roles.

* Powerful dialogues with ear thumping bgm. All this might be great for trailer cuts, unable to create an impact when they are force fit into an ordinary preachy slow screenplay. Exactly what’s happening to #AravindhaSametha so far.

* Action choreography deserves a special applaud  If Three fights are so amazing can’t wait to see the climax action. Ram-Lakshman #AravindhaSametha #JrNtr.

* Reddy song - a break from overtly preachy dialogues. You feel suffocated with so much gyan. Second half so far is slightly engaging than the mid of 1st half. Thanks to Rao Ramesh. #AravindhaSametha.

* Second half gains its momentum back! Jagapathi Babu, Naveen , ntr and others bring back focus with engaging bgm and dialogues.

* Trivikram gives a classic touch to women empowerment towards the end.

* #AravindhaSametha comes to an end with director thoroughly trying to give a message through out the film. Elevation scenes, 3 fights and some dialogues worked well. Rest of it seems overtly preachy, imbalanced 1st & 2nd half. Overall a one time watch solely for @tarak9999


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