Balayya is at it again; fans demand apology

By Xappie Desk, October 03, 2018 13:59 IST

Balayya is at it again; fans demand apology

Actor Balakrishna maybe a politician too but that hasn’t stopped him from being a bit reckless when it comes to dealing with the mobbing that is part and parcel of public life. And there have been multiple incidents that saw the actor physically or verbally abusing fans who tried to get close to him. So much so that people have called it Balayya’s slapgate in the past.
But just when we were thinking that he seems to have slowed down, the actor is at it again.
Apparently, the actor showed a fit of rage yet again. Yes, the actor, who is on a political tour in Khammam apparently slapped excited fans who obstructed his vehicle in a moment of excitement.
It is learnt that the Hindupur MLA was abusive physically with a group of TDP supporters and even used his legs to hurt them. Well, the behavior obviously disturbed them. But as is the norm with Balayya fans, they didn’t let it go in the usual sense and have now asked for an apology! Will it come? Only time will tell.

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