BTS singer V aka Taehyung wins the hearts of fans with his kind gesture towards a child on Bon Voyage.

BTS singer V is winning his fans' hearts with his gesture featured in the recent episode of Bon Voyage season 4. Read on to find out what he did.
Written By Khushi S Koppad | Updated: January 08, 2020 19:06 IST
BTS singer V aka Taehyung wins the hearts of fans with his kind gesture towards a child on Bon Voyage.

Although BTS has a huge ARMY supporting them, each BTS member has an individual fanbase that hypes them up every time they do something amazing. This time, Taehyung recently featured on the episode of Bon Voyage season 4. V, along with  RM, Jin, Suga, Jimin, Jungkook, and J-Hope, was traveling when he decided to grab some food in a restaurant. The camera captured the singer about to eat his meal when a child approached the singer. 

In the recent Bon Voyage episode, Taehyung had seen eating his food when a kid approached him requesting him for stickers on his burger box. Taehyung misunderstood his request and assumed that he was asking for his meal. So, without hesitation, the singer handed him his meal. However, when the child clarified his request, Taehyung promptly gave the child the stickers he asked for. 
The heartwarming exchange left fans gushing. Fans took to Twitter to share the incident and shower V with love. "Completely touched by the generosity of Taehyung! He was ready to give the child his food. When Tae understood that he wanted stickers, he calls him back to give him the rest. A kind heart is so beautiful! P.S. “Hey Baby” will now be my new text tone TYSM BH!" a fan said. 
"Can we just appreciate Taehyung's, pure heart? He was ready to give his whole burger to a random kid, thinking the child might be hungry & asking for it when actually the kid was just asking for stickers," another fan added. "When Taehyung realized what the stickers were for, he called back the child and gave him/her all the stickers he could find. His fond smile at the end. He really loves kids and has a generous heart. That's our good boy Taetae!" another tweet read.