C/o Kancharapalem emerges a success overseas

By Xappie Desk, September 09, 2018 18:58 IST

C/o Kancharapalem emerges a success overseas

The Friday that just went by saw quite a lot of films hitting the big screen. While C/o Kancharapalem and Manu garnered interest for being indie films that were breaking barriers, Silly Fellows was to be the commercial treat. Turns out of the three films C/o Kancharapalem proved to not just come out on top, but isn’t showing signs of slowing down! On the first day, the film collected 55,000$ across the US and towards the end of the first weekend, the film made 120,000$, quite a lot of money for a film that was made on a limited budget and stars faces that aren’t known to the audiences.
Manu, meanwhile, seems to have bitten the dust with dismal collections being registered. Same was the case with Silly Fellows, leading to director Venkatesh Maha’s C/o Kancharapalem doing phenomenally at the ticket windows. It is to be seen how the film fared post the releases of major films the coming week.

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