Despite the delay, Bhairavageetha will hit the bulls eye - Dhananjaya

By Xappie Desk, December 06, 2018 19:43 IST

Despite the delay, Bhairavageetha will hit the bulls eye - Dhananjaya

Dhananjaya who got the immense fame after the movie Tagaru, who played the role of Dali. Shivanna also featured in this movie. Dhananjaya who exceptional, even Maverick RGV tweeted about Dhananjaya's incredible performance. Dhananjaya says it was really unexpected that i am playing lead role in the movie Bhairavageetha. who knew person like RGV would watch your film Tagaru and offer me a movie. I even never met him before. I feel that it will be a huge launch for me both in kannada and telugu. The way Siddhartha Thatholu directed the film, was really amazing. Really thankful to both RGV and Siddhartha for casting in this movie.

Dhananjaya acted in ten films. Dhananjaya says i know this film postponed many times. Despite the delay in release, i am sure that movie will hit the bulls eye. On making telugu debut with this movie Dhananjaya says it is really different experience for me, new people and there is lot of scope for the learning.

In this intense love story, Dhananjaya plays the role of Coolie. Though we can witness bloodshed-violence in the trailer visuals, under current it is all about the fight between feudal and labor class. The way director treated the subject, it was presented in more realistic way.

Dhananjaya says though there was immense pressure in early stages of the career, when you know about your hardwork you have invested, rest becomes secondary. When people recognised and appreciated, thats the ultimate relief.

All the best Dhananjaya for your movie Bhairavageetha which is slated to release tomorrow in kannada version. Telugu version will release on Dec14th. Hope you also succeed in Telugu Film Industry.

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