Exclusive: I'm going to take legal action against them: Punarnavi on a leading website for objectifying her

After a portal calls her 'hot' and shares pictures without her consent on their website, the actress loses her cool and says it is high time they stop doing that.
Written By Bhavana Sharma | Updated: July 27, 2020 23:52 IST
Exclusive: I'm going to take legal action against them: Punarnavi on a leading website for objectifying her

A couple of months ago, Vijay Deverakonda and a couple of actors have roasted a news portal for writing fake news on them. Now, a news portal has written an article on Bigg Boss star Punarnavi Bhupalam calling her ‘hot’. This website has written an article based on the pics the actress has shared on her social media profile and that too without her consent.

Punarnavi is a fitness freak and her profession demands her to stay fit. She shares her fitness regime and urges her followers to stay fit and inspires them. But this doesn’t mean that someone can call her hot and objectify her.
Taking the same to her social media and addressing the website, Punarnavi wrote, “You have gone too far by objectifying me and you have been objectifying a lot of women in this industry with your sexist comments and articles. It’s high time that film media needs to stop luring people into reading their unnecessary sexist articles about the actresses by using words “hot” “chubby” “sexy” and whatnot.” (sic)
In the next screenshot, it can be seen that the management of the portal from the Instagram handle has said sorry for in the inconvenience caused to the actress and wrote that they have removed the article from their website and Facebook page. Well, the actress has mentioned that no website can post such pictures of her without her consent and give headlines and call names which would objectify her.
We got in touch with her and Punarnavi said, “A lot of ‘not so well known’ websites have objectified me in many ways, I’m surprised that a well-known film media website has the same sense of writing about women. I’m taking legal actions towards it so I really don’t want to comment on this.”
She further added, “This has to be a lesson to all the film media websites about how important it is to hire journalists with a certain amount of qualification and should always thoroughly check before they write something about any women in this industry.”
We support Punarnavi and agree that it is high time that articles which objectify women should not be written because it would be a shame to the entire media.