Exclusive: Sharib Hashmi aka JK Talpade on the season 2 of The Family Man; We are right on schedule and hopefully it will come this year

Sharib Hashmi, who played the role of JK Talpade on the Amazon Prime series, The Family Man, spoke exclusively to Xappie about the second season of the show, his struggles in the industry and a lot more; Read on.
Written By Saumya Bansal | Updated: May 15, 2020 15:36 IST
Exclusive: Sharib Hashmi aka JK Talpade on the season 2 of The Family Man; We are right on schedule and hopefully it will come this year

Known for playing the role of Lolark Dubey in Asur and JK Talpade in The Family Man, Sharib Hashmi has grabbed worldwide attention for his splendid performances.

Talking to Xappie in an interview, Sharib spilled the beans about the second season of The Family Man, his experience of working with Manoj Bajpayee and Arshad Warsi, and how he's been spending time in the lockdown.
1. The shooting of the second season of Family Man was done with, but due to the current situation, its release has been postponed, how do you think it's going to affect the show?
We finished shooting for season 2 in February end and the post-production work of a series of such magnitude takes a lot of time. Many months to be precise. And despite all that, we are on schedule. It’s being edited right now. It will hopefully come this year itself but when that only Amazon Prime can tell.
2. How has been the experience so far after doing the show? Has the show changed your life as an actor?
Life after ‘The Family Man’ has definitely changed! I have been around since quite a few times now. But through the show, I got a wider recognition.
3. Since The Family Man is being watched globally and people are loving it, do fans try to reach you out on social media? Have you started getting more shows and movies?
Yes, I do get fan messages and I love to connect with them! I am getting more work in films and series, but I’m being very selective in picking work.
4. You've worked with both Manoj Bajpayee and Arshad Warsi, how would you describe working with them? What's that one thing that you liked about each of them, which you try to do yourself now?
Firstly, I'm very fortunate that I got to work with such great actors! Arshad sir is a sweetheart! He is a very chilled out actor. He doesn’t take much stress on the shoot but comes prepared on the sets and when the camera is switched on, he is completely immersed in his character. And he is a great co-actor to have. Manoj sir, on the contrary, is always on his toes thinking about the scene and what else we could do to do the scene better. Before going on the sets we rehearse our scenes in his van and then a few rehearsals on the sets and then he just flies with the script and the way he improvises has to be seen to be believed. I want to learn the chilled out attitude from Arshad sir and dedication from Manoj sir. I’m more close to Manoj sir as we’ve spent more time together.
5. You played an officer protecting the law/country. How did you prepare for both these roles?
To tell you the truth, I didn’t do any special preparation for the parts. Fortunately, half of my job was done by the brilliant writers Suman Kumar and Sumit Arora who wrote The Family Man and Gaurav Shukla who wrote Asur. Both the scripts were well researched and very well written. My characters in both the shows might look similar to the audience but they were very different. JK is more laid back whereas Lolark is more dedicated to his work. JK’s life revolves around Srikant Tiwari and Lolark is a family man here who’s wife is pregnant. And both the worlds were completely different from each other.
6. How important is it for you as an actor to play different characters on screen?
Yes, I have always tried to play different roles. In Filmistaan, I played an assistant director, who’s an aspiring actor. In Phullu, I was a villager whose life changes after he gets married and comes to know about the menstrual problems women face in villages. In Nakkash I was an e-rickshaw driver whose life takes a drastic turn and he becomes a holy man. In my forthcoming film Darbaan, I'm playing the role of a caretaker and will play three ages in the film.
7. How did you begin your career in Hindi cinema? Has it been smooth for you till now or did you face any obstacles in your career?
Well, that's a long story as I have seen many ups and downs. My career has been like a roller coaster ride. I started as an assistant director then turned to writing non-fiction and worked in many niche channels as well as a house writer and was living a comfortable life. Then I decided to pursue acting after I was married and had a kid. That decision changed my life forever. And here I am today living my dream, well almost.
8. How are you spending time nowadays? Like many celebrities post cooking videos, or spend time working out, what's your hobby these days?
I cooked for the first time in my life in this lockdown. I sketch. I watch series, movies, read, play with my kids. Since Ramzan, I have been praying, keeping Rozas. So, yes I am not much affected by the lockdown but I do want it to get over ASAP as a lot of people are suffering. Everybody has suffered physically, emotionally, financially and I’m praying daily that this Covid-19 just vanishes and we start living a normal life once again.
Credits: Xappie