F2 - Fun and Frustration Live updates premiere show Review

By Xappie Desk, January 11, 2019 22:10 IST

F2 - Fun and Frustration Live updates premiere show Review

F2 – Fun and Frustration live Updates First Day First Show (FDFS):

Anil Ravipudi is back for Sankranthi will the comical entertainer 'F2- Fun and Frustration'. He has directed films like 'Paatas', 'Supreme' and 'Raja the Great', all these films performed well.
F2 has Venkatesh, Tamannaah, Varun Tej and Mehreen Pirzada in the lead roles and the music is composed by Devi Sri Prasad.
F2 – Fun and Frustration US Premier live updates:
*In this movie, Venkatesh named as Venky, Varun Tej as Varun, Tamannaah as Harika and Mehreen Pirzada will be Honey.
*F2 movie starts chase sequence which will carry us to the flashback scenes of Venky and Varun.
*Now a Pelli Choopulu episode with Venky and Harika which is good fun to watch followed by wedding song "Entho Fun".
*Look like the Frustration started between Venky and Harika. Now Harika's sister Honey moved in Venky's home.
*Now Varun has started sharing his flashback with Honey followed by the song "Honey is the Best".
* Now after some teasing Venky and Varun becomes Cobra (co-brother)
*Both Tamannaah and Mehreen have the raised the hot quotient with the "Girra Girra" song.
*Varun feels the same heat from Mehreen and stops the wedding shocking everyone along with Venky for the interval bang.
The first half is completed with some fun episodes and good songs and Venky shows his worth with his comical touch.
*Second half has shifted to Europe and kick-started with Rechipodham Brother a party song.
*Looks like Harika and Honey plans to marry Prakash Raj sons to teach Venky and Varun a lesson, with some fun sequences.
*Venky and Varun enter into Prakash Raj's house as writers followed by some comedy episode between Rajendra Prasad and Hariteja.
*Nassar starts lecturing Venky and Varun about marriage.
*Time for another hot song "Dhan Dhan" with Anchor Anasuya.
*Now the movie goes to the climax mode with some tensed scenes and the movie concludes on a good note.
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