Himanshi Khurana on a long-distance relationship with Asim Riaz: We talk to each other at least once in a day; Read on

Bigg Boss 13's Himanshi Khurana talks about being in a long-distance relationship with beau Asim Riaz, says that they ask about each other's health and talk at least once a day; Read on
Written By Saumya Bansal | Updated: July 06, 2020 10:02 IST
Himanshi Khurana on a long-distance relationship with Asim Riaz: We talk to each other at least once in a day; Read on

Himanshi Khurana and Asim Riaz made waves on the internet with their chemistry in Bigg Boss 13. After the show ended, the two continued their relationship and are in a happy place right now. But due to the pandemic situation in the country, the madly in love duo do not get to meet each other often. Commenting on being in a long-distance relationship, Himanshi told a leading tabloid, "I don't believe in this short and long-distance relationship. It is all in your mind. There are so many stories we are getting to hear about how husband-wife and couples are fighting with each other after staying together for a long period. Everyone wants their other half to go to work and give space (laughs). We both are working, so we are not able to talk to each other that much. When he gets free, I am working, when I get free he's working. But we make sure to try and talk to each other at least once in a day and ask about each other's health, daily routine. We respect each other's space and try to balance that we don't lose focus on work."
While Himanshi has always maintained a positive attitude in her life, she says she does get affected by people commenting on her weight and other things. She added, "I have been trolled a lot on social media. Before and after Bigg Boss 13. I have been body shamed a lot. I have PCOS, whoever doesn't understand it, please go and surf on the internet. Most of the girls go through it. People who know about it will relate to me. During PCOS, your body weight keeps fluctuating. Sometimes you lose so much weight and sometimes you gain a lot of weight. My blood pressure also fluctuates a lot. My BP levels sometimes drop so much that I have to take oxygen for three hours. My manager panics when I don't respond or get up. My entire team makes sure to keep me away from my phone when I am at home, they try to keep me distracted. We have made this rule, once we shut down the internet we don't talk about work. We do household chores, talk a lot, play games. So that we are away from such negative stuff. Like last night my makeup artist was really worried because of COVID-19, so we started playing cards, crosswords to cheer him up and support him."