Kangana Ranaut on Ram Mandir and her film: It's not just a temple but an emotion, my film has included every detail

Kangana Ranaut talks about her film Aparajita Ayodhya based on Ram Mandir, says the film has a tough screenplay as it travels across 600 years; Read on
Written By Saumya Bansal | Updated: August 05, 2020 18:03 IST
Kangana Ranaut on Ram Mandir and her film: It's not just a temple but an emotion, my film has included every detail

As the foundation of the construction of Ram Temple happened today, Manikarnika actress Kangana Ranaut opens up about the same. Talking to a leading daily, she said, "For me, Ayodhya is very symbolic and this journey of the last 500-600 years that we have had as a civilization is very exciting for me. I want to not waste the limited time we all have and I'd rather do things that cause a shift in the way we live, we think. From whatever study I've done in the old times, our society was sophisticated and one of the greatest in the world. I see that we, as people, had a certain structure in the society that we followed. But with rapid invasions, we have not only lost our wealth, but we have also lost that blueprint which our Indian greats left for us. They had established a moral and ethic code for our civilization."

"I personally feel that this is the time for us to delve and go beyond our 'roti, kapda, makaan' needs, and see what we lack as a society and how we can revive that. For me, a temple isn't about pillars, bricks or just a structure. It's a symbol of something that our civilization considered the highest. Ram is not a God, he's Purushottam - an elevated man. He's no more but his qualities continue to live. The temple is a symbol of those qualities. He established Ram Rajya which to a great extent was followed by Mahatma Gandhi and that's how he got us freedom, so his consciousness prevailed through so many great beings and continued to save us and affect our llife" added Kangana who says that Ayodhya is not a temple for her but a feeling.
She further talked about her film titled as Aparajita Ayodhya and how she has included every detail in it. "In my film, there are several real Muslim characters who have fought in favor of the Ram temple. So it's a story of devotion, faith, and above all, unity in the country. Ram Rajya is beyond religion and that's what Aparajita Ayodhya will be about," she concluded.