Krish to remove his credits from Manikarnika?

By Xappie Desk, November 10, 2018 18:23 IST

Krish to remove his credits from Manikarnika?

The original director of the film, Krish, isn’t too keen on sharing directorial credits with Kangana Ranaut.

Rebel Actress Kangana Ranaut who will be seen next in Manikarnika, had re-shot certain scenes that we already filmed by the film's director, Krish. Kangana was to have her name mentioned in the credits as Co-director in addition to the role that she would be playing. However, the film's director Krish had objected to it. A source on the sets revealed that Krish was not going to be mentioned as the Co-director of the film and that Kangana would have to take up another project to showcase her talents as a director. Looks like we are in for more drama if Kangana fights about it.
Now in its post-production, every other actor in the film is worried about his or her role being snuffed out on the editing table. One of the actors said, “I shot for more than 40 days. I don’t know how much of it will finally go into the film. All of us are worried about our roles. But no one is allowed to say anything. There is a collective gag order. All we can do is pray.”
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