Mahesh Babu likes to cook Maggie Noodles for his Kids; Have a look at the other answers of Superstar here from Instagram chat session

Mahesh Babu opened up on a lot of things about his life, career, and upcoming projects including the new film announced today
Written By Manoj Kumar | Updated: May 31, 2020 19:35 IST
Mahesh Babu likes to cook Maggie Noodles for his Kids; Have a look at the other answers of Superstar here from Instagram chat session

Today, Superstar Mahesh Babu took some time to interact with his fans. The actor conduction a live interactive chat with his fans on Instagram. He revealed many personal and professional things in this chat. Mahesh also said that the best dish he can cook for his children is Maggie Noodles. Here are the excerpts of the chat:

Question: Your favorite color and food?
Mahesh Babu: My favorite color is Blue and food is traditional Hyderabadi Biryani.
Q: How is your quarantine life with your family?
M: It's been an experience of a lifetime. I have done so many things with them that I wouldn't be able to do, had I been working.
Q: Which is your favorite game sir?
M: I'm really enjoying playing Tennis, Golf, and Baseball online with my son Gautham Ghattamaneni.
Q: What's the best dish you can cook for your children?
M: Maggie Noodles.
Q: What is your secret of being a handsome hunk?
M: Thank you so much for the compliment. I work very hard to stay fit and healthy.
Q: Favorite Marvel Hero?
M: Iron Man and Hulk.
Q: Sir, do you read books? If yes, what's your favorite one?
M: Yes, I do. Right now, I'm finishing Sapiens.
Q: When can we expect your movie with Rajamouli Garu?
M: Yes, definitely you can. I'm very much looking forward to it.
Q: Its raining and climate are soo good. Which snack do you want to eat now?
M: Mirchi Bajji and hot ginger tea.
Q: Will you do a film with Puri Jagannath in the future?
M: Absolutely I would. He is one of my favorite directors. I'm still waiting for him to come and narrate to me.
Q: What would you like to remember about you?
M: I would like to be remembered as a great actor, an amazing father to my children, and a great husband to my wife.
Q: How do you think David Warner has danced for Mind Block?
M: He was simply awesome.
Q: Is Goutham gonna be a hero in the future?
M: He wants to I guess. Only time will tell.
Q: One word about fans.
M: Guys I have always said this and am saying it again.. I'm here because of ur love and unconditional support!! I will always try to give my best to u no matter what!! Love u all a lot!! Stay home stay safe in these rough times!! God bless!!
Q: What is the theme of Sarkaru Vaari Paata?
M: SVP is a complete entertainer with a strong message. I'm really excited about it.
Mahesh ended the chat by saying, "Had a great time answering all your questions!! Love you all. Take care... Let's do this again soon."