Mega Fans can't take that hero for Granted..!

By Xappie Desk, January 07, 2019 13:27 IST

Mega Fans can't take that hero for Granted..!

Looks like mega fans are disappointed over the selection of heroes in their films. In these days, fans have been hot heads and been controlling. This issue is of the Mega hero who has been doing different films, altogether. This is because of his yet to be confirmed upcoming movie. From an unofficial report, it is clear that, this Mega hero is playing a negative role in this movie while a struggling handsome star will be the lead.

This movie is being said to be a remake of Tamil movie ‘Jigarthanda’. As the twitter shows, Mega fans are unhappy about this. Interestingly, this particular hero is known to have been linked to mega hero's sister. Earlier this was considered as a baseless rumour. But then this hero got big support from mega fans. And if the reports are to be believed there were also rumours that, this guy was forcing the mega hero's sister to quit the films. How ever this was ignored at that time. But this time, the mega fans had not forgotten the issue yet. And that seems to be the reason why they do not want their tower star to go into such combination.

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