NTR- Kathanayakudu Live updates premier show Review

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NTR- Kathanayakudu Live updates premier show Review

Most awaited Biopic, NTR Kathanayakudu is all set for grand the release on January 9th. The makers of the NTR biopic have ensured that enough hype is being generated about the film with sneak peeks into its lead actor, Nandamuri Balakrishna's various looks essaying the titular role of the late and great actor.
The hype is especially high amongst NTR's huge fan base owing to this the makers of the movie assured for a big release across the world.
Director Krish Jagarlamudi and his team have put in tremendous efforts and have paid attention to every minute detail in recreating the looks and the sets of the past era.
Vidya Balan played the role of NTR's wife in the biopic. NTR grand-son Kalyan Ram were also a part of the film unit.
Backed by Sai Madhav burra’s dialogues and Keeravani's music, Now let’s see whether NTR Kathanayakudu will be a fitting tribute to NTR’s life as one of the most successful actors of Tollywood in the '70s and '80s and meet the expectations of the audience and fans.
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* Movie opens with Nandamuri Bala Krishna symbolically riding a cycle in 1947. Opening us to a movie about our own movie’s super star - NTR.
* Title song Kathanayaka.. by Khailash Kher is a solid opening. Preface is set with NTR’s best looks as a reminder to audience. Let’s see how Krish impresses in this one.
* Kaikala Satyanarayana garu on screen. NTR Kathanayakudu is going to be a nostalgic ride.
* Bala Krishna fits decently into the shoes of a Naive, honest, brave wannabe super star and his father Ntr. Bala Krishna playing the reverse, playing a young on reel , being older in real is commendable.
* There can’t be a better debut for Vidya Balan in Telugu film industry. A remarkable portrayal of Tarakam NTR’s wife, compliments Bala Krishna well on screen
* Bantu reethi by Chitra in the backdrop showing NTR’s love for his wife, people and movies simultaneously - a feast to his fans...Keeravani music standouts in Kathanayakudu supported by a superb Bgm
* We understand how desperately Dir Krish wants to be an actor! He has more scenes than actually required, leaving so many terrific actors behind.
* Elevation to Bala Krishna naming ceremony with a touch of Vennela Kishore dialogue - whistle worthy scene for Bala Krishna fans
* Dialogues by Sai Madhav Burra sometimes touching sometimes empowering and sometimes awakening. He sets the movie apart with his great pen work.
* No deep penetration into NTR’s character or story, director Krish put together, what every person is already aware of - in form of elevated scenes for both NTR and BalaKrishna. Second half forays into his second innings of his life.
* Second half has many movie scenes back to back! Some movie scenes, characters could’ve been trimmed to fit in some story around Ntr. Seems more like a recap of his filmography.
* One will not miss those silly comments on #ANR in #Ntrkadhanayakudu To compensate that he equally praised him alongside giving good importance to #ANR character.
* Rana enters. Story solidifies. It was an overwhelming flashback of NTR by BalaKrishna so far. Second part might bring out another dimension of his life.
* Report: This is wholly a #BalaKrishna film. He did a tremendous job, playing his father came naturally to him. BGM & dialogues are super stars after #NBK. Narration lacks detail, story is not a lot, emotional connect downside.

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