Pawan Kalyan fans shows their unity with a film "paRannaGeeVi RGV" to counter attack RGV's Powerstar; More details inside

Ram Gopal Varma always provokes fans of Pawan Kalyan with his posts and tweets but the fans are now answering him with an interesting film that is going to be a satire.
Written By Anoop Sai Bandi | Updated: July 20, 2020 14:28 IST
Pawan Kalyan fans shows their unity with a film

Ram Gopal Varma is constantly trying to provoke Pawan Kalyan fans without any reason. The latest attempt from the director is the satirical movie Power Star which is going to bring it on his own OTT platform. On the other side, Ram Gopal Varma also launched a song yesterday, with mimicked vocals of Pawan Kalyan, which is currently trending. To counter attack RGV, Pawan fans teamed up to come up with a new movie paRannaGeeVi RGV. They also gave a new definition for RGV as a Reckless Genetic Virus.

As per the latest reports, the fans are also going to release a special song from the movie. An update on social media reveals, "ParannageeviRGV title song release on major tv and social media platforms at 20:20 hours on 20 July 2020. #ruthlessgeneticvirus #rgv #RGVtitlesongrelease #pawankalyanfans"
Pawan Kalyan fans took it seriously this time and they wanted to make sure to attack RGV in his way. With tweets and trolls, RGV really does not give a damn about them. So, the fans decided to make a movie on Ram Gopal Varma and release it online.
The fans, this time, united well and are making sure to come up with a strong campaign for this film. We have to see if this paRannaGeeVi wins over RGV's Powerstar.