Posani Murali belts Balakrishna and gives a call to kammas

By Xappie Desk, December 12, 2018 14:55 IST

Posani Murali belts Balakrishna and gives a call to kammas

Actor Posani Murli Krishna is as exhilarated as everyone else in Telangana for the win of KCR. But his inundated joy made him lash out all the other politicians, who lost in the elections, especially Chandrababu Naidu, Balakrishna and who Prajakutami.

The villain/ comedian didn’t mince his words while criticising all of them and also left no adjective unsaid while praising TRS and KCR.

He said KCR won the elections as people are extremely happy with his schemes and policies and they chose him again rightly so. He also went on to say that inspite of Chandrababu and Lagadapati coming together as Saindhavulu, people didn’t invest any trust in them and voted for the right candidate. He said he was surprised at Gaddar supporting Praja Kutami.

That was not it, he went on to pass extremely sarcastic comments on CBN and Ballaiya. He said CBN was silent when Jagan was attacked and also when a MRO was slippered by a MLA.

Posani sarcastically said, “Balakrishna is such a strong and powerful person that he has demonstrated his power over everyone who tried to backstab his dad. Infact he made his niece, Suhasini win the elections with such great margin. He has shown people their places, especially the ones who belted his father and took vengeance on every person who insulted his father.” At the end, he requested all the Kamma community people to vote for Jagan in the AP elections and not anyone else.

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