Pro-Kannada communities have protested on Sunday

By Xappie Desk, November 22, 2018 15:49 IST

Pro-Kannada communities have protested on Sunday

The row over dubbing in sandalwood is all set to return with a few pro kannada organisations deciding to stage a demonstration on sunday demanding movies from other languages be dubbed into kannada.

The organisations will appeal to stakeholders from the Kannada film industry tohelp remove hurdles to the release from other languages into kannada. " welcoming dubbing of other language films is in the interest of kannada language. A long drawn fight over dubbed films has only yielded  limited result. Now we want to take the fight to the final stage," Said G Anand, president of banavasi balaga, which is spear heading the protest.

Pro- kannada Organisations, including karnataka Rakshana Vedike and kannada Grahakara koota, will join hands with Banavasi Balaga during sunday's protest.
The Kannada Film Industry imposed an informal ban on dubbing films in 1967. A Section of pro kannada activists, however, argued that the ban was Detrimental to development of Kannada film industry.

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