Radhika apte yet again sensational comments on South industry !

By Xappie Desk, November 10, 2018 18:33 IST

Radhika apte yet again sensational comments on South industry !

Since the #metoo campaign has been launched, many incidents were reported from recent and even from olden times. Some were reported directly while others passively, depending on the intensity of harassment. Many actresses and models did share their experiences in their career.

One of such actress from Bollywood is Radhika Apte. Even before, she has been commenting about how she has been harassed by southern filmmakers. In the southern film industry, she acted in 3 Telugu and few Tamil movies. Appearing at Neha Dhupia's talk show, she spoke about the harassment she had to experience in the name of Auditions. She said that a southern director had asked her to give her auditions at Mumbai when she returned from London shooting. She added that the director came with 12 people among whom was also a tailor. And she said that the hotel was also looking bad and dirty. She then said that those people were clicking pics of her in different poses. And then she said that she was asked to give some poses which she felt were weird for a folklore film. She added that she was also asked to do some dance steps which brought her a weird feeling. She also said that the hero for that movie was Vikram and did not mention the name of the director. She added that this film never went to the sets. And that she was thankful for that. She added that she had to escape from this situation saying that she had a shooting to go in the morning. However, the director who did this was neither disclosed by her nor this issue shows such priority for any action to be taken. If the director would have been identified then there exists a need to condemn it.

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