Rashmika divulges the truth behind the photoshoot

By Xappie Desk, December 15, 2018 16:47 IST

Rashmika divulges the truth behind the photoshoot

Rashmika Mandana of Geetha Govindam fame was in the news recently for doing a photo shoot at the Bellandur Lake in a bid to raise awareness about rampant pollution of lakes. Bellandur Lake was chosen as the location for the photo shoot as it is one of the most highly polluted lakes in Bangalore, with untreated industrial effluents forming a white froth over the lake's surface. The pollutants also give rise to a putrid odor that can be smelt miles away.

The actress had shared two sets of photographs from the shoot - one next to the lake with its white frothy surface as the backdrop and the other which was supposedly underwater. In an interview to News Minute, Rashmika revealed that the underwater photos were not shot at the lake, but at a friend's swimming pool which was later photoshopped for effect.

Speaking about the shoot, the actress said,"It was the first time I had gone to that part of the city and as soon as I saw the crowd of people living there, I was heartbroken. I did not feel like leaving my car and I thought, how could people breathe this air. There was so much foam and it was flying around everywhere.

It's high time we start talking about pollution and working on this issue. We wanted to do the underwater shoot to showcase how grave the situation is and how bad things are going to be if we don't change."

The actress added that it was her school senior who had approached her for the photo shoot and that she was not paid for the campaign.

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