RGV does it again! This time he mocked farmers

By Xappie Desk, December 17, 2018 13:46 IST

RGV does it again! This time he mocked farmers

Leave it to Ram Gopal Varma to create controversies. He is the brand ambassador of negativity. He loves making people loathe at him especially during media interactions. In fact, he has lost respect in society to an extent where people no longer acknowledge his existence. Yet he designs his own ways be in the headlines. This time, it is for passing unpalatable remarks on farmers.

During the TV, where he was promoting his movie Bhairava Geetha, an activist on the show asked RGV on why he churns out violent movies time and again and not focus on meaningful cinema. Toute de-suit, RGV called himself the most irresponsible citizen of the country.

Before the issue could fire up, the anchor intervened and asked RGV to make movies on farmers and their struggle. As usual, RGV passes a disgusting comment saying he doesn’t like farmers because they are always in the mud. He said he gets irritated looking at him. He further went on to say that he wants the farmers to leave the agriculture land and get into the gun culture.

Ever since he made those comments, the Internet is fuming at him. Looks like RGV is used to backlashes. This incorrigible man is receiving numerous messages on social media, teaching him the importance of farmers in society.

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