Secret is out : Disaster hero Demands 1 Crore!

By Xappie Desk, November 26, 2018 18:04 IST

Secret is out : Disaster hero Demands 1 Crore!

It seems like the secret behind the bad phase of hero Raj Tarun has been decoded. Most of the heroes or actors in the film industry get the image after lot of effort but for few it is easy sometimes to establish quickly. However they will not manage to hold that image for long time. Some classic examples of such heroes are Uday Kiran, Varun Sandesh and many more. But now one more hero seems to be getting into such list. This time as everyone predicted, it is none other than Raj Tarun. It might be his own decision, or might be his greed for the one crore pay as remuneration. What ever the reason might be, he has got a lot of dead duck films now a days. All started after Kumari 21 F , which was a big hit for him and since then, there has not been any luck for him in this field. Even this year, Raj Tarun has got three dud films namely, Rangula Ratnam, Lover and Rajugadu. This shows that his next move must be taken carefully. But contrary to this, he is said to have decided to sign any film, and any director, whoever is ready to pay him 1 crore remuneration. It would be good for Raj Tarun, if he firstly selects a good story and good director rather than sticking to his 1 crore demand.

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