The girl accused Vishal lands in trouble herself

By Xappie Desk, November 30, 2018 15:03 IST

The girl accused Vishal lands in trouble herself

Actor Vishal is controversy’s favourite child. He is in the news constantly for whatsoever reason. This time he was in the news for breaking into his neighbour’s house inappropriately.
Vishwadarshini, Vishal’s neighbour blatantly accused him of sneaking into his neighbour’s house in the midnight and spends time with the girl in that house. She claimed that she has enough proof to hold on to her truth. She said she had CC TV footage to prove her allegation.
Now, Vishwadarshini is in a hot soup. The girl she had accused of, along with Vishal has filed a defamation case against her. She said she was falsely framed in the whole scam. The police too has filed a case against Vishwadarshini under the protection of children against sexual offences. Since the girl is under 16, police might take a severe action against her. Let’s see what twists the issue takes and where it ends.

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