Varun reacts to Balakrishna-Nagababu fiasco

By Xappie Desk, December 20, 2018 18:51 IST

Varun reacts to Balakrishna-Nagababu fiasco

During the promotions of Anthariksham, which is releasing tomorrow, Varun encountered and u expected question from an inteviewer. He was asked to comment on the whole Nagababu and Balakrishna fiasco, to which Varun gave a logical and strong reply. Although Varun’s reply is not dilvulged, it is learnt that the actor got anxious post the interview. He got worked up about how the answer would be received.

He asked his PRO to request the journalist to not post that answer as it would have a negative impact on his film, which is releasing tomorrow. Infact, he was even furious with his PR for not informing the journalist in prior to avoid asking such questions. Well, we might only hope to know the answer post the release of the film.

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