Vijay meets star kids, media makes it sound like an act of charity

By Xappie Desk, November 26, 2018 15:19 IST

Vijay meets star kids, media makes it sound like an act of charity

Vijay Deverakonda, the rowdy star knows how to be in the headlines. Sometimes his innate charm works wonders and sometimes his marketing skills. He certainly knows how to market himself.
Recently he made it to the news for posting a picture with star kids. The news wore a tone of Vijay being very considerate and compassionate towards kids, for he made time to meet the star kids, including Rajamouli’s daughter and Keeravani’s children. Although Vijay didn’t want expect any publicity, the media that is constantly on a lookout to glorify him to get more views and clicks from his fans made it sound like it was an act of charity.
But is it?

Of course not! He has catapulted kids wear on his Rowdy Wear App. He smartly invited all the star kids and his stylist friend Shravya Varma to spend time with him. He made the kids wear his new line of clothes from the Rowdy kids wear that he launched recently. It looked like a subtle promotion of Rowdy kids wear line.
It was not an act of charity for so much attention. It was just one of his smart ways to market himself in and outside of the industry. Of course, Vijay has donated for many noble causes, which certainly deserves a lot of appreciation but this is not one of them.

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