Vinaya Vidheya Rama trailer review - Out and out Boyapati film

By Xappie Desk, December 27, 2018 23:04 IST

Vinaya Vidheya Rama trailer review - Out and out Boyapati film

Fans will certainly love Boyapati Sreenu’s VVR trailer! The director surely knows how to glorify the actor and show him like a lion roaring and taking the bad men down. It’s a feast for them to see their favourite star hailing a human superhero and his super powers are he is sensitive to his family, fights a legion of goons- singlehandedly while delivering extremely heavy dialogues.

Vidheya Vinaya Rama’s trailer just released and with the opening scene of the trailer itself, one can find Boyapati Sreenu’s signature directorial style stamp everywhere. It’s out and out Boyapati film! The heavy dialogues, goes without saying that, it is penned by Boyapati Sreenu. “By birth-e death ni gelichi vacha ra....” (it just feels like Boyapati’s dialogues found a new voice).

The horses, one single man taking down 100 heavily built goons on a deserted land, a well-dressed and powerful villain (just like Jagapathi Babu, a hero turned villain), an army of trained and armed goons, a family drama, lot of violence- HERO SAVING THE WORLD, it’s has a standard Boyapati touch to every nook and corner of the film.

One might wonder how the director’s heroes are supremely self-confident, especially going by how they delineate themselves in every dialogue they utter. As usual, the women in the film have meagre importance, atleast that is what one can say by the trailer. Even before our eyes can process if is us Kiara, she disappears. Sneha got a tad-bit of more importance- she lasted for a few seconds extra.

Going by the trailer, one can surely say it is out and out Boyapati film and his fans will certainly rejoice. Ram Charan looks quite ripped and pumped in the film and going by the fight scenes, looks like he has put in a lot of efforts.

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