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14 Aug 2020 02:02:00

Johaar movie review: An Anthology film which explores the darker side of a political system in a subtle yet realistic way by a debutante director

Johaar movie is now streaming on Aha video, directed by the debutante Teja Marni deals with the lives of different people effected by one greedy decision of a politician.
Sagar Thamminedi

Updated: August 14, 2020 16:34 IST

Rating : 3/5

Johaar Movie Story (Non-Spoiler):

Johaar is about a political leader’s envision to erect his father’s statue, after his demise using the government funds, and how this decision impacts various sections of people is precisely the premise of the story.

Johaar Movie Performances:

The Cast of the Film fits the bill perfectly. While Eshwari Rao and Subhalekha Sudhakar steal the show with their stellar performances, other actors justified their roles. Chaitanya Krishna was tailor-made for the role he portrayed as a young and cunning Chief Minister. Naina Ganguly, gets a strong role, and she delivers it immaculately. Esther Anil and Ankith Koyya proved to be a perfect choice

Johaar Movie Technical Aspects:

Director Teja Marni, though a debutante has pulled off the proceedings quite professionally. he was flawless with his casting and pulled out solid performances He was very sincere to his idea and executed it perfectly. He was very impressed with his shot-making skills and screenplay. He handled the emotional scenes quite naturally.

Cinematography by Jagadeesh cheekati was outstanding. Priyadarshan’s background music blended well with the story. Dialogues by Ram Vamsi Krishna were top-notch and meaningful art by Gandhi was Remarkable. Sandeep Marni the producer believed a concept-based story that has a great premise and is thought-provoking. The overall production design was clean and rich. The technical team of the film was surely a great asset.

Johaar Movie Positives:

The major advantage of the film is the concept itself. The story has hard-hitting emotions carried really well. The director’s vision of showcasing the social message was very touching. The production values of the film are top-notch and authentic locations add extra mileage. Artwork is great as well.

Johaar Movie Negatives:

Usually, concept-based films lack on commercial aspects, the same happens with Johar. It lacks commercial entertainment scenes and the second half becomes predictable. The strength of the climax falters in comparison to that of the beginning.

Johaar Movie Verdict:

Keeping a few flaws apart, Johar Is a thought-provoking social & political drama narrated wisely.