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08 Jan 2021 02:10:00

Maara Movie Review: The curse of the remake strikes again with Madhavan and Shraddha Srinath's feel-good film

Amazon Prime's new release Maara movie starring Madhavan and Shraddha Srinath proves yet again that the original is almost always better than the remake
Akanksha Sridhara

Updated: January 09, 2021 13:36 IST

Rating : 2/5

Maara Movie Synopsis:

Directed by Dhilip Kumar and written by Bipin Ragu and Kumar, Maara is a loosely based remake of the 2015 hit Malayalam film, Charlie. R Madhavan and Shraddha Srinath reprise Dulquer Salmaan and Parvathy Thiruvothu's roles from the original. Sshivada, Abhirami, Moulee play supporting roles.

Maara Movie Storyline:

Maara is a story of a romantic quest. Paru (Shraddha Srinath) is completely mesmerized by the artwork she finds.The artwork reminds her of a story from her childhood and off she goes in search of the unknown artist (Madhavan as Maara). The film plays out like a treasure hunt. Will Paru find the gold at the end of the rainbow? In this case an eccentric and charming artist?

Maara Movie Performances:

While Madhavan and Shraddha Srinath do a commendable job in the roles, one can not stop comparing them to their Malayalam counterparts. We've seen Madhavan offer up some great performances over the years. But Maara isn't the film for him. Madhavan's Maara seems like a poor imitation of Dulquer Salmaan's Charlie. One might question why Paru is chasing after Maara at several points of the film as Madhavan fails to create the kind of aura Dulquer Salmaan did. Srinath, we must say does a good job with her character even though the script seems a little restrictive. The lack of flair from the main characters pushes a secondary character played by Alexander Babu to the forefront. Alexander Babu as the thief is a marvel on screen. Abirami as a sex worker is yet another secondary character who has a memorable screen presence.

Maara Movie Positives:

While the rest of the cast suffer to deliver a great performance, Alexander Babu shines in his role. In fact, it is the secondary characters that make the film worth watching. Mouli, Abhirami and Alexander Babu may be the real stars of Maara with their impactful screen presence. The film's cinematography is one of the things that make it a worth watch. However, it still suffers in comparison to Charlie.

Maara Movie Negatives:

While the premise is great, the film fails to deliver owing to wrong casting choices in terms of the leads, boring script etc. There isn't much going for Maara. Maara seems to be a bland and boring remake of Charlie.

Maara Movie Verdict:

If you're looking for a film to mesmerize you, just watch Charlie. Maara movie fails to recreate the charm and mystery that Charlie creates. Maara isn't worth your time.