Maharani webseries Review

Maharani Webseries Review

Maharani watch online on Sony LIV

Age: 13+

Language: Hindi

Genre: Drama

Streaming Date: 28 May 2021

Duration: 00:40:00


Maharani Review: Huma Qureshi shines in this women-centric political drama

Maharani is the latest web series of SonyLiv, starring Huma Qureshi in the titular role. Consisting of ten episodes of 40-45 minutes each, this political-drama show is loosely based on Rabri Devi, the
Saumya Bansal

Updated: May 29, 2021 22:24 IST

Rating : 3/5

Maharani Plot:

After facing an assassination attempt, the Chief Minister of Bihar, Bheema Bharti (Sohum Sharma), gives his position to his homemaker wife Rani Bharti (Huma Qureshi) so that he doesn't have to let go of his power. Little does he know that his decision would give the state an unexpected and empowering leader that has forever been missing in any of Rani's male counterparts. And what follows is her journey – from taking immense pride in taking care of her family, to becoming an assertive leader fighting for what's right and wrong even when the wrongdoer belongs to her own political party.

Maharani Analysis:

The show began by showing how the system of upper and lower caste is deep-rooted in the state of Bihar. The scene where a man refused to greet his 'Maaliks' and in return got shot, assured us of the stance that the upcoming episodes are going to follow. However, what followed was some half-baked storytelling with lots of conspiracies and plotting by political parties, soon making it a tedious show to watch.

Having said that, the slow rising of Rani Bharti was interesting to watch with some in-between displays of uber masculinity, power-grabbing scenes, and objecting to the non-representation of women in political discourse.
With the likes of the present world, Maharani also highlights the multi-facet political scenarios. A state which has been neglected for long as its politicians are corrupt and far away from the ongoing problems. This mere relatability gets us going through most of the episodes with ease. But to quickly add to this, the political content shown in this one lacks uniqueness and we can pick references from shows like Madan Chief Minister, Tandav, and also films like Nayak.

Maharani Positive:

One undeniably positive thing about Maharani is its actors. Mukesh Chabbra, the casting director has a good eye for putting the right people in their right roles. Human Qureshi in her lead role is smooth in most parts and we could connect with her character easily. But just likemany other actors who are jumping from big screens to digital space, she sometimes seemed to be trying too hard to hold on to her role of Rani Bharti.

Sohum Sharma, though he has a limited screen time, was pleasant in most places. His eyes seemed to be doing all the work for him. Also, a special mention to Amit Sial who played the opposition was very believable and edgy. And how can we leave Pramod Pathak who was very ensuring as Mishraji.

Maharani Negatives:

Even though Maharani offers a one-shot watch for the audience, some parts are too dragged.
There were also not many strong or overpowering takeaways from this show. Like SonyLiv's
Scam 1992, Maharani works around the backdrop of a major commodity scam in the state but
since we've already seen better shows around this topic recently, writing by Subhash Kapoor
looked vague.

Maharani Verdict:

Maharani is a good attempt to bring political injustices in the spotlight but not one of the best
amongst the ones already made. You can run this show for the acting performances and also
some of the twists that come in the end, but only when you're patient enough to survive the
beginning and some middle parts of the show.