Good News by State Government: This rule is canceled

By Xappie Desk, November 20, 2018 15:34 IST

Good News by State Government: This rule is canceled

The state government has abolished the rule that the police officers who worked for five years in the commissionerate should be mandatory.

Earlier, the Siddaramaiah government passed a law that would transfer the police inspector and ACPs to five years in the commissionerate limits. The Kumara Swamy government had recently ordered the CBBs to be removed from this rule by the Commissionerate.

The government has revoked this rule to apply to the Commissionerate's Law and Order on Wednesday. Thereby Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy withdrew the order of the previous Congress government in the State Police Department.

The Congress government has enacted a five-year tenure for Inspector and ACPs in the state police commissionerate including Bangalore. The impact was that ten years of staying in Bangalore had left the city. 

For four years, some officials have lobbied government through their godfathers to withdraw this order. The then chief minister Siddaramaiah did not get soap. But now the lobbying of the authorities has been successful. 

The government, which separated the CCB from a five-year tenure rule week ago, has now withdrawn its policy to law and order and traffic departments. With this, the door is open for re-entry of old officers to Bangalore.

Control of crime cases requires experienced powers. "We are withdrawing the previous transfer rule order," said Vijayakumar, Deputy Inspector General of Police, Department of Police, in a statement issued on Wednesday.