I want to witness Special status to AP before I die - Sivaji

By Xappie Desk, November 16, 2018 17:24 IST

I want to witness Special  status to AP before I die - Sivaji

Actor Shivaji, who recently has been very active in the AP politics and has also been voicing for the Special status for AP had just come over in the headlines with the Jagan’s attack issue. This all happened as he opened up the plan regarding Operation Garuda. From that very moment, Shivaji became the center of attraction in politics as well as Jagan’s case. He had stated that he did not support any political party and that he is neutral in this issue. But still, the YSRCP leaders do believe him as a supporter of TDP. They also tried to project him to the public in that manner. Shivaji always said that he just wants to see, AP getting a special status. And now again Shivaji has started to buzz in the media. This time, it is regarding his own life.
Shivaji is going to return India from the US on November 21st. And he says that he feels threatened to come to this place. He has alleged that he himself and his family are facing threat to their life from YSRCP leaders. He had written a letter to DGP Thakur and Chandra Babu Naidu, asking for special protection to him and his family. He also stated that he has been maintaining a low profile, and avoiding TV debates, as his wife who felt it as a danger to his life, had said to do so. Shivaji emotionally added that he had doubts that whether he may be able to see the Special Status coming to AP while he is still alive?
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