BigBoss 14 contestant Sonali Phogat house robbed of ₹10 lakh and valuables like gold.

Big Boss 14 contestant Sonali Phogat house in Hisar, Haryana was reportedly robbed.
Written By Chaiitanya Rao | Updated: February 17, 2021 18:33 IST
BigBoss 14 contestant Sonali Phogat house robbed of ₹10 lakh and valuables like gold.

Sonali Phogat who is a contestant in Bigg Boss 14 has filed a police complaint reporting theft of ₹10 lakh cash, valuables like gold and a licensed revolver from her house in Hisar, Haryana. In the report by her, she has mentioned that the burglary happened while she was in Chandigarh on February 9. Upon her arrival on February 15, she found the locks are broken and a search of the house resulted gave evidence of theft. The police revealed in an interview that there were CCTV cameras installed but the thieves took away the DVR (digital video recorder) with the footage of the robbery. They also revealed to PTI that ₹10 lakh, Gold, a silver pot, silverware, a 22 bore licensed pistol and eight cartridges were found missing. HTM Station SHO Sukhjit stated that the robbery case is being probed.

Sonali Phogat has shown her likeness and feelings towards her co-contestant Aly Goni who is much younger than her. Sonali was trolled on the social media post her eviction for her feelings towards a person who is her son’s age. She made it a point to give fitting responses to these trolls every time they made such comments. She also said in an interview with ET that these remarks hurt her. "Obviously, I was very hurt reading how I was trolled for showing affection for Aly. They abused me saying Aly was much younger than me and almost my son's age. But I replied to each of them saying if you like someone, how does age come into play?. I have no hesitation in confessing my true feelings and I don't regret admitting that I liked Aly." Sonali Phogat also shared, "I did not play the game by lying. Whatever I thought, I shared with everyone. When in two weeks, I was told to leave the house, I wasn't sad about leaving, but at least I played fairly."