Bigg Boss Season 13 Episode 84 Highlights: Rashami and Aarti fight over past ties.

Bigg Boss Season 13 Episode 84 Highlights: Rashami got angry at Aarti for not supporting her and taking her stand against Siddharth on Sunday's episode.
Written By Apoorv Shandilya | Updated: December 24, 2019 14:51 IST
Bigg Boss Season 13 Episode 84 Highlights: Rashami and Aarti fight over past ties.

Tensions between Rashami and Siddharth don't seem to be getting any better. On Monday's episode of Big Boss, Sunil Grover made a guest appearance as Bigg Boss's wife. Grover made Salman and the contestants laugh. The usual shenanigans of 'Galatfehmi Ka Gubbara' also took place and the contestants got to clear out misunderstandings from last week. Salman joked with the contestants and read out fan comments on last week's episode and made everyone guess who the comment is about. Things took a turn for the worse when Salman left. Madhurima refused to do her chores and did not wash the dishes after breakfast while Mahira wanted new work assigned to her.
The episode's biggest highlight came in the conversation between Rashami and Aarti that turned into a fight. Rashami asked Aarti why she did not take a stand against Siddharth in Sunday's episode. Aarti played a moderate hand and said that since Arhaan was already defending her she didn't need to intervene. Rashami said that Aarti is just trying to protect her own game in the house and now she has lost a friend in the house.
While walking out Rashami called Aarti cheap and that irked Aarti. She got furious and followed Rashami to the washroom where the two fought more. Rashami got upset and said that Siddharth used to hurl abuses at her when the two used to work together.
In a different segment of the episode, Madhurima said that Shehnaaz is in love with both Paras and Siddharth at the same time. Siddharth got angry and asked Madhurima how she could say something like this. Madhurima refused to answer.