Mr. Majnu Box Office Collection

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: January 26, 2019 11:07 IST
Mr. Majnu Box Office Collection

Mr. Majnu Box Office Collection 
Akkineni Akhil’s Mr Majnu has collected share of Rs 1.83 crore on Day 3 (Sunday) from Telugu states, Mr Majnu could not make an impact at the box office as it collected worldwide share of Rs 9.27 crore in its first weekend. The film opened well enough for the type of film it was but it was the weekend which was crucial as these type of films should improve well over Saturday and Sunday but it was not to be for Mr Manju as it had a flat weekend. Mr Majnu is underperforming in USA too and will end up as flop.
The first weekend number would be good with one public holiday for most films but is poor for Mr.Majnu. The box-office collections were okay on Day 1. From Day 2 movie didn’t show any signs of improvement after opening day and continued to trend downward at Box-office. Even after two weeks of its release, F2 - Fun and Frustration dominated the first weekend of Mr Majnu this says it all.
Story highlights
➡ Mr Majnu first weekend collection stands at Rs 9.27 crore (share) worldwide
➡ Mr Majnu collected share of Rs 1.83 crore on Day 3 Sunday
➡ F2 dominated Mr Majnu’s first weekend even after two weeks of its release
Mr Majnu Boxoffice Collections Worldwide Share,
Here is the area-wise break up of Mr Majnu
Nizam 0.90 Cr. 1.12Cr. 0.82 Cr. 2.84 Cr.
Ceded 0.48 Cr. 0.33 Cr. 0.29 Cr. 1.10Cr.
Guntur 0.54 Cr. 0.18 Cr. 0.13 Cr. 0.85 Cr.
Krishna 0.25 Cr. 0.20 Cr. 0.12 Cr. 0.57 Cr.
Nellore 0.12 Cr. 0.07 Cr. 0.05 Cr. 0.23 Cr.
West 0.17 Cr. 0.12 Cr. 0.07 Cr. 0.36 Cr.
East 0.20 Cr. 0.16 Cr. 0.12 Cr. 0.48 Cr.
UA 0.40 Cr. 0.32 Cr. 0.21 Cr. 0.93 Cr.
Total AP/TG Share 3.06 Cr. 2.50 Cr. 1.83 Cr. 7.38 Cr.
Karnataka & ROI 0.75 Cr.     1.21 Cr.
OVERSEAS 0.45 Cr.     0.70 Cr.
Total Worldwide Share 4.26 Cr.     9.27 Cr.

Mr. Majnu 3 days Worldwide Share: 9.27 Cr.

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