Vinaya Vidheya Rama Box Office Closing Collection

Written By Manoj Kumar | Updated: February 12, 2019 10:33 IST
Vinaya Vidheya Rama Box Office Closing Collection

Vinaya Vidheya Rama(VVR) Box Office Worldwide Closing Collections
Ram Charan’s much-hyped Vinaya Vidheya Rama, which hit the screens on January 11, 2019, amidst fanfare has ended its box office run and the final result is disappointing.
Despite its incorrigible flaws, the film has managed to earn distributor share of Rs 64 crore in its full run. However, it got sold for a whopping Rs 90 crore. Even though the film is a loss venture, it was able to make decent business, thanks to Ram Charan. Generally, films like these get washed out on day one itself. The only crowd pulling factor of Vinaya Vidheya Rama is Ram Charan.
Danayya and Charan have come forward to beat the loss and has decided to give Rs 5 crore each, which will bring the loss to Rs 15 crore. Still, this will be a huge relief for the distributors.
VVR box office collection area wise break-up:
Area Pre Release Share Gross
Nizam 21.00Cr.(valued) 12.97Cr. 21.00Cr.
Ceded 14.04Cr. 12.10Cr. 14.80Cr.
Guntur 7.60Cr. 6.40Cr. 9.10Cr.
Krishna 5.00Cr.(valued) 3.73Cr. 5.60Cr.
Nellore 2.90Cr. 2.86Cr. 4.20Cr.
West 5.60Cr. 4.40Cr. 6.38Cr.
East 6.40Cr. 5.45Cr. 8.45Cr.
UA 10.80Cr. 8.88Cr. 12.00Cr.
Total AP/TG 73.34Cr. 56.79Cr. 81.53Cr.
Karnataka 7.00Cr. 5.40 Cr. 11.20Cr.
ROI 1.00Cr. 0.45Cr. 1.10Cr.
USA   0.65Cr. 1.80Cr.
UAE-GCC   0.49Cr. 1.10Cr.
AUS   0.13Cr. 0.27Cr.
ROW   0.30Cr. 0.65Cr.
Total Overseas 8.00 1.57Cr. 3.82Cr.
Total Worldwide 89.34Cr. 64.22Cr. 97.65Cr.
Vinaya Vidheya Rama Worldwide Pre Release Biz: 89.34Cr.
Vinaya Vidheya Rama Worldwide Closing Share: 64.22Cr.
Vinaya Vidheya Rama Worldwide Closing Gross: 97.65Cr.

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