99 is quite an engrossing challenge for me - Preetham Gubbi

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: April 26, 2019 18:26 IST
99 is quite an engrossing challenge for me - Preetham Gubbi

Preetham Gubbi who was in candid talk regarding the Tamil blockbuster romantic tale 96, he was self-assured that he will direct the Kannada version of this movie. The lead characters, music, emotions everything with respect to 96 public were just gone gaga even celebrities of different film industries were in love with this romantic saga. Preetham shares his experience regarding him directing the remake version and says that I had put in my maximum efforts to live up to the original version.

Preetham says that the very first person who connected to the film was Ganesh. I had seen the original and narrated the story to him, he was in another country. Then I insisted that someone who would do this film in Kannada but I wanted to this movie with you. He immediately accepted my proposal, then I met Ramu who acquired the rights of this movie. He said if Ganesh is interested in doing the remake version. As Ganesh is already given the nod, its really fortunate everything was fallen in place marvelously. I think it's our fate to do this film.
Preetham states that ' I knew from the beginning that people always bring up and compare with the original version which is unavoidable. The only task ahead of us was presenting the movie with much fresh feel. I can't deny but doing 99 was quite an engrossing challenge for me. Coming to Ganesh, it was also been quite a bit he had done such subtle roles. I can also feel that his fans missing that Ganesh, so I thought this film is a great opportunity to enthrall them and also present Ganesh in a very different way.
Bhavana had really brought that charm and regality to this movie with her screen presence. There will be hardly a few characters, the whole movie will be focused on them, we need to make the audience to sit for about two and a half hours with a minimal cast. I had just taken the ardour from the original, with our music and tried to present with our own nativity. I am sure the Kannada audience will connect with the movie. Hemanth and Shamikshaa were also magnificent in their role, indeed a huge plus for the movie.
This movie will be a 100th movie for the music director Arjun Janya. With not carried away by the original, he had given some explicit tunes and background score for this movie. For one of the tracks, he had created with symphony orchestra from Budapest. Also, Santhosh Rai Pathaje's dop was top notch, you will witness some amazing visuals in this film.
99' is just not a movie but I can say a brief look in your life. Its all about your childhood-school life, first love. I am sure every person will link themselves and own it. This movie releasing on May 1st, hope the audience will pass him with distinction, signs off Preetham Gubbi.