Aadvik and Anoushka Ajith latest photo goes viral

A latest photo of Ajith's children, Anoushka and Aadvik, is doing the rounds on social media.
Aadvik and Anoushka Ajith latest photo goes viral

Ajith hailed as Thala of Kollywood is one of the leading actors in the Tamil film industry. He enjoys a huge fan following who are willing to go to any extent to prove their loyalty. These fans show the same level of respect to his entire family - wife Shalini and kids Anoushka and Aadvik.

Every time when a photo of his kids gets leaked on the Internet, they go viral and make everyone wonder about the stardom they receive at such a young age. Today, a photo of Ajith and Shalini's two children, Aadvik and Anoushka found its way to the Internet. The latest photo is being widely circulated on social media.
In the photo, Aadvik is leaning on his sister Anoushka's shoulders flashing his million-dollar smile. Anoushka is holding a cute puppy in her hand. It looks like the two little munchkins are having a great time with their canine.
Ajith and Shalini welcomed baby girl Anoushka on January 3, 2008, eight years after their marriage. In 2015, they became parents again when Aadvik was born.