ABCD Live Updates Premiere Show Review

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: May 17, 2019 00:32 IST
ABCD Live Updates Premiere Show Review

ABCD Live Updates Premiere Show Review - ABCD FDFS Live Updates
Allu Sirish upcoming release ABCD- American Born Confused Desi, the remake of the 2013 Malayalam film that goes by the same name. After a couple of releases that failed to make a mark at the box-office, Allu Sirish is pinning hopes on ABCD, which is all set release tomorrow May 17, will this be a game changer in his career? Let’s find out
Live updates:
*ABCD movie starts with Sirish makes an entry with a title song in New York City.
*Allu Sirish is shown as a rich kid who enjoys the day at full.
*Vennela Kishore has been introduced as a newsreader, with some comedy scenes on the media reports.
*Naga Babu has been introduced as the father of Sirish. He sends Sirish(Avi) and Bharat (Basha) to India.
*Subhalekha Sudhakar as a finance minister in the film, few political scenes are going, while he is setting a base for his son.
*Sirish and Bharat are landed in Hyderabad now. Sirish comes across the Rukshar Dhillon at a shopping mall. He tries to impress her.
*Sirish comes to know that their financial sources are cut down by his father.
*Struggles of Sirish are shown in the America Naa America song.
*Now Sirish and Bharat had to join a college to pursue MBA to get the monthly expenses.
*Sirish runs into Subhaleka Sudhakar’s son who owns the college, with an interval bang.
*Rushkar Dhillon is Avi's classmate, few good scenes are on between them, and a good song Mella Mellagaa between them.
*Avi competes against the Politician's son for Youth Icon contest. In the parallel scene, there are protests against Sudhakar to ban his Chemical factory. Avi also joins the protest.
*Avi becomes popular in the Youth Icon contest and wins the Youth Icon award and the film completes.
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