Actress Sona Heiden has announced her return to Kollywood

Kollywood has been affirmed about actress Sona Heiden’s return onto the screen. She is currently involved in multiple projects.
Written By Mohana Sravya Rayaprolu | Updated: December 25, 2019 15:40 IST
Actress Sona Heiden has announced her return to Kollywood

Actress Sona Heiden works mainly in the Tamil film industry. She made her debut into the industry with Ajith Kumar in the film ‘Poovellam Un Vaasam’, following which she appeared in several numbers of films, for instance, Villain, Kuselan, Azhagar, Naan Aval Adhu and many more.
She has also taken up being an entrepreneur, other than being a celebrity. She launched a fashion line on her own, named ‘Uniq’. Recently at an interview, she clarified questions regarding her disappearance for a short while. She opened up about how the phase was for her.
She began by mentioning a simple statistic she noticed. Apparently she had taken up four projects to sign, but other than that she rejected around a sum total of 12 films. She rejected those because they were all offering her similar kind of roles, and she just can’t see herself performing those anymore.
She went on to express that she feels grown-up for the roles she’s been offered. She feels that she is not that crazy anymore. She feels much calmer and content with herself. She mentioned that she’s in no rush to earn money anymore. She wants to make wiser decisions because she feels that she’s in a position to lay back and have the privilege to choose.
Her upcoming movies list goes somewhat this way: Chasing, Paramapatha Vilayattu, Pachcha Maanga, and Theduthal.