Actress Sreeleela opens about the kind of roles and work she wants to take on next!

Sreeleela is currently balancing her acting career and her education; she says the lockdown has taught her a lot of things.
Written By Akanksha Sridhara | Updated: June 13, 2020 12:36 IST
Actress Sreeleela opens about the kind of roles and work she wants to take on next!

Sreeleela was recently a part of a photoshoot by none other than the KGF cinematographer Bhuvan Gowda! Sreeleela says that the photo satisfied her wish to be in front of the camera which she missed under lockdown. About the photoshoot, Sreeleela said, “For me, this photoshoot was more like a being on the film sets, which I have been missing a lot.”

Sreeleela has a sort of dual life. She split her time between being a glamorous actress and a student! She says that the lockdown helped her learn a lot. “When the lockdown happened, I took the time to get back to my old self. Over the past two years, I’ve been busy with shooting and promotions. I got to spend this quarantine time in a useful way. Probably I am only the person who felt that this lockdown was too short,” said Sreeleela. Sreeleela shot to fame with the film Kiss. The 2019 film Bharaate followed suit. Sreeleela says several filmmakers have presented her film offers. “I have come by at least 20 scripts and web series projects during the lockdown period. But an interesting note is that all the stories were unique,” says Sreeleela. The lockdown seems to have given the young actress the space to evaluate her next moves.
“Kiss was very modern, and my second film, Bharaate was very Indian. Now with so many options, I am looking to mix and match my script choices. Fortunately, I am getting to hear stories on those lines,” she said while talking about the kind of role she’s like to take on next. “If I have to be honest, I like to do the role of a diva that will have me exude a lot of radiance and oomph. I like those characters, which allows me to be outspoken. That is something I enjoy doing. To be practical, as an actor, I should explore commercial and experimental films too. Both go hand in hand, and I want to balance both,” she added.
Sreeleela also spoke of what steps she will take after the pandemic subsides and things go back to normal. “I want to say yes, once I get a confirmation as to when the team wants to start the project,” says the actor, who is happy with the kind of roles coming my way. “The directors are able to look deep into my soul. A couple of characters, I got to read, are not any way related to my previous two films. The directors are not fixing me to a particular role, and are bringing in variations,” says Sreeleela. She added that while she will consider other languages, she’d like to concentrate on Kannada right now.
Sreeleela also spoke of the screening process of the scripts. She says that her mother plays a pivotal part in the process! “Any scripts, before it even reaches me, is usually screened by my mother. It works to my advantage, because we have the same frequency, and it helps to filter the bad ones,” she revealed.