Actress Tanvi Azmi says Bollywood films do not treat women as real human beings.

Tanvi Azmi said that Bollywood has a long way ahead to go to reach a complete overhaul of its existing system.
Written By Apoorv Shandilya | Updated: January 28, 2021 12:37 IST
 Actress Tanvi Azmi says Bollywood films do not treat women as real human beings.

With films like Thappad starring Taapsee Pannu and Mission Mangal starring Vidya Balan, Bollywood is slowly moving towards becoming a more inclusive film industry. However veteran Bollywood actress Tanvi Azmi has said that the Hindi film industry still needs to go a long way ahead. Azmi said that Bollywood still needs time for a complete overhaul of the existing system. The actress also said that Bollywood films treat women characters as if they are not human.

Azmi said, “ We don’t see women as real human beings, especially in our films. They are always more of padding to the actual story and never given such importance.”
The actress last appeared alongside Taapsee Pannu in the highly acclaimed film Thappad. Speaking about her film she said, “ It was a film like that which was pleasantly surprised because it was a man’s gaze in a woman’s world where he was holding the man responsible. It is nice that things are turning around and people are aware but a woman was never really looked at in such depths, her pains, her drams her failures, her losses, any of that. I am glad that we are now coming up with stuff like that.”
Azmi commended the power that OTT platforms now hold and said, “ Thanks to the OTT platforms, people are now willing to explore things like that. They know that the film will get an audience and people will get to see their films and telling different stories. That is fantastic.”