After MAMI, Queen of Hearts & Beanpole wins appreciation at IFFI 2019

On the third day of screening, the films Queen of Hearts and Beanpole receives appreciation at IFFI 2019.
Written By Aravind Peesapati | Updated: November 24, 2019 09:29 IST
After MAMI, Queen of Hearts & Beanpole wins appreciation at IFFI 2019

Queen of Hearts tells the story of Anne, a successful lawyer, and doting mother places both her family and career at risk when she becomes involved with her teenage stepson. The movie starts on a slow note and it takes almost 40 minutes to jump into what the movie is about. The characterization of Anne is complex and dealt well. The way it transforms from a caring mother and loving wife to grey shades just for the sake of her selfish needs has written well. All the performances are terrific; especially the actress who has done Anne's role and the visuals are striking. The music and other departments have done a decent job. The screenplay is neat and narration is smooth. The direction is very good. This is an engrossing film where performances steal the show.
Beanpole is a Russian historical drama, where post-war effects had discussed well. The movie has some disturbing scenes and a few emotional scenes. All the crafts are exceptional. The performances are top-notch, bean pole and her war friend Masha's (who always smiles/laughs out with a lot of pain inside) roles have written well and the actors justified them. The narration is very slow and lethargic. The direction is good in parts. Few dialogues are hard-hitting. It looked neither a war movie not a drama at a point of time due to too many subplots. The movie appeared a bit stretched.