Ajith loses his cool at the polling booth

Ajith, in a rare occurance, lost his cool when fans hounded him to take photos at the polling booth.
Written By Chaiitanya Rao | Updated: April 06, 2021 19:42 IST
Ajith loses his cool at the polling booth

Ajith, who is fondly known as Thala, is presently busy with the shooting of his upcoming film Valimai. He will be turning 50 next month and Valimai promotions will begin on May 1 as promised by producer Boney Kapoor. As Tamil Nadu went for voting today, fans were eagerly waiting for Ajith and Shalini to make an appearance together, which is a rare sight. Thala Ajith had avoided making public appearances for the past 10 reasons and will be seen only during excercising his votes. Today morning, he stood in line with his wife Shalini and several other citizens in his area.

Soon after knowing Ajith's arrival, his fans came in huge numbers and hounded him for photos. Ajith is known for his simplicity and he rarely loses his cool. During the Covid-19 pandemic when people are asked to maintain distance, Ajith's fans hounded him. He lost his cool and snatched the phone of a fan who tried to take a photo without his consent. He also signalled his fans to move farther away from him and even instructed people to wear masks. Later, Ajith handed over the fan's phone to him, which taught him a lesson.