Ajith's fan dies by suicide

Ajith's ardent fan, who has his name tattooed on his back, died by suicide. recently.
Written By Chaiitanya Rao | Updated: February 25, 2021 10:07 IST
Ajith's fan dies by suicide

Ajith, fondly called Thala by his fans, has a huge following across the country. Though he was the first actor to disband the fan clubs, his fans never miss an opportunity to show their love for him in all possible ways. Be it on social media or doing welfare activities on the ground, Ajith's fans go all guns blazing. According to sources, a young man named Prakash, who is a hardcore fan of Ajith died by suicide. Reportedly, he loved Ajith so much that he has multiple tattoos all over his body related to Ajith and his philosophies.

The death of a fan has brought shock to his other fans. After his demise, a throwback video of Prakash participating in a reality show has surfaced. In the video, he can be seen explaining the tattoos on his body. Ajith's fans have been expressing their disbelief and offered condolences to Prakash's family. Ever since the news started circulating, Ajith's fans have been paying their tributes to him on Twitter by trending the hashtag #RIPTHALAAJITHPRAKASH. Some of his fans also urged people with a much important message that conveys that suicide is not a solution for everything.