Akhils next flick with Rs 30 crore-plus of whopping budget?

Written By Aravind Peesapati | Updated: February 17, 2019 14:59 IST
Akhils next flick with Rs 30 crore-plus of whopping budget?

Akkineni Nagarjuna, the Devadas star has kept a film of Akhil, his son and upcoming actor on hold. A young director who narrated the story has quoted a whopping budget of Rs 30 crore-plus for the film.
Grapevine has it that it would be a downright action flick which needs the quoted budget. Nagarjuna has liked the script and could do the film since he liked the plot, but asked the filmmaker to rework on the budget and dwindle it.
Though ‘Mr Majnu’, Akhil’s latest movie didn’t do well at the box office, the emerging star impressed the audience with his performance as a lover boy. Now, Nagarjuna wants his son Akhil to try his hands on with action-centric movies again after his debut film ‘Akhil’. We all know that Akhil hired Hollywood technicians for action sequences in his other movie ‘Hello’ and impressed audiences with his risk-taking action sequences.
Now, Nagarjuna is looking for scripts that are a good mix of love and action which would strike a chord with the audience. Talks are going abuzz that Nag is aiming for a blockbuster and its high time Akhil scores good marks with the audience to settle down in the industry for good. Besides Akhil is open to working with more banners and a couple of producers are in talks with him.  
Though the many of the young filmmakers are lining up to work with the new-age star from Akkineni's family, Akhil has to prove himself in the industry and needs to work with directors who can make commercial hits.